Video: How to install rear tubs and big rubber!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty tubs the back our of VS Commodore drag ute to fit some meaty race rubber


The 427-cube, twin-turbo Dart LS we’re throwing in this VS Commodore ute is going to need all the rubber it can get, so Scotty can put that power to the ground.

To remedy that, the ute will be getting some delicious 15×10 StreetPro drag wheels from our sponsors at VPW Australia. Unfortunately, there’s no way they’ll fit under the original tubs once we’ve got the shortened RTS nine-inch diff the VS will be getting, so in this episode Scotty is fitting set of wheel tubs to the ute.

Fitting the ute with bigger tubs that sit further inboard will allow the big 275 tyres to fit nicely under the ute, the plenty of clearance that it’ll need when it’s squatting under hard launches at the track.

With sponsors like Hare & Forbes onboard with their killer range of welders and fabrication tools, fitting the big tubs was a job Scotty was confident of tackling in the Carnage workshop.

Adam Rogash from MPW Performance who’re helping out in a big way with this build recommended Scotty get some tubs from Mr Mudguard. They provide a great starting point for a job like this, but the old tubs still had to come out first.

The air chisel makes light work of this, a trick Scotty learned when the tubbed his VE Valiant wagon a few years ago, which you can watch here.

Unlike the old Valiant, the much newer VS ute did throw some unexpected challenges Scotty’s way. First, the chassis rail placement created a few dramas, and then the metal cover in the tub that sits ontop of the cavity for the fuel tank also came into interference with the bigger tubs.

Even so, Scotty worked around those issues, and we gotta say the end result is a pretty bloody neat one!

We’ll be taking a break from regular Carnage programming next week to bring you daily video updates from Drag Challenge (October 10-14), so check out the episode below and get keen for a week of drag ‘n’ drive action hitting your eyeballs all week long!