Video: Building a 427ci Dart LS

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty begins the build of the engine for our VS ute

Videographers: Matt Hull

It’s Carnage time, and in this episode Scotty is preparing the turbo LS combo for our latest build, a Drag Challenge-capable VS Commodore ute.

Thanks to our sponsors at VPW Australia, the ute will be powered by a Dart SHP 427ci LS Next. They sourced us a complete bottom end, which you can start bolting accessories to out of the box.

However, for our car, Scotty decided to go one step further. The K1 crank, rods and Wiseco pistons the 427 come with a beaut, but he wanted to add some extra insurance to the combo.

One of those mods was a Torrington bearing upgrade. These are fitted to engines to stop the crank walking under high horsepower, heavy loads. Given we’ll be shooting for well over 1000rwhp from this car, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Fitting the bearing requires removal of the rods and pistons, which Scotty did before taking the block and crank to Frank Marchese at Dandy Engines. He fitted the bearing, as well as machining the block to suit fire rings.

In the next episode, the ute heads back to MPW Performance to have the rear end sorted, so there’s plenty more VS content to come! For now, enjoy the episode below: