Video: Upgrading the brakes on our Lexcen!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty upgrades the brakes on our 1UZ-swapped Lexcen in preparation for the Optima Street Car Challenge!

Videographers: Matt Hull

If you watched the last time we had the Lexcen out in an episode of Carnage, you’d likely remember Scotty lamenting the poor braking performance of the thing.

As much fun as he had roll racing at Calder, not having brakes in a car with over 700rwhp was a big issue. The reason the brakes are so sketchy is because Scotty had to delete the booster to make room for the wide 1UZ twin cam V8. 

To remedy all this, Scotty got in conversation with Kyle’s Conversions. They recommended an electric power brake conversion, which runs without a booster and uses a remotely mounted electric pump to compensate for braking pressure.

Beyond the necessity of safety, the other reason we need working brakes is because the Lexcen is entered in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge at Calder on April 20. It’s an all ‘round test of a cars ability with a timed lap, drag racing, go-to-whoa and heaps more. So, we needed good brakes!

The conversion was fairly straight forward, the master cylinder bolting in place of our old one. Scotty did have to drill out the adaptor a bit to get the new master to fit, but nothing he couldn’t sort.

Once mounted, next he made new brakes lines using our Proflow brake flaring tool. This makes jobs like this a real breeze, allowing Scotty to double flare lines like a pro!

With all the lines plumbed up and the electric servo mounted, Scotty and Carnage cameraman Matty Hull gave the brakes a bleed before hitting the street for a quick test.

We’re happy to report the conversion was a great success, the Lexcen is finally able to pull up its own weight. You can see it in action at the Optima Street Car Challenge on April 20 at Calder Park, grab spectator passes or enter your car in our show and shine at In the meantime, enjoy the episode below!