Video: Our twin-turbo VS ute gets a rollcage!

In this episode of Carnage, the twin-turbo VS ute gets a spicy new rollcage from MPW Performance!


Going fast requires the best safety gear, and with eventual goals of seven-second timeslips from our VS Commodore ute, we knew we’d need a rollcage to match that level of performance.

Our mates Adam Rogash and the crew from MPW Performance & Race Fab in Keysborough are the experts at go-fast fabrication, having built some of the quickest and toughest street cars this country has ever seen.

Those include Adam’s own cars in the ALLSHOW VK Commodore and his new STRIPSHOW Capri, both of which have graced the cover of our horsepower bible.

So, MPW was the no-brainer choice to sort the ’cage for the ute, and in last week’s episode, you would’ve seen Scotty prepping the VS for its date with Adam and the boys by stripping out all the interior and sound deadening.

In this episode, we get to see the master at work, as Adam walks us through the process he and his team follow to install a rollcage in a car intended to go this quick.

Thanks to modern software and tech, Adam uses fancy computer programs to help him map out his ’cages. Once the main hoop is dialled, he builds them out from there, and with the assistance of the software, he can have a ’cage cut and ready to weld in around a day or so.

As well as a full day of welding to get the rollcage installed in the car, Adam also helped mount the Proforce race seats we’ll be using in the VS from our sponsors at VPW Australia.

This required more high-tech wizardry from Adam. Using a program called Fusion 360, as well as MPW’s in-house CNC plasma-cutter, he crafted some adapters to get the Proforce seat rails to meet the factory seat mounts in the ute’s floor.

The final piece of the puzzle was sorting the removable side intrusion bars, a mandatory requirement for cars that are tech-inspected to race at the speeds we’re hoping the ute can achieve. Having them removable means we can still do extended street duties without having to be an acrobat to get in and out of the car, but it also gives us the safety we need at the track.

In the next episode, we take the car back to the Carnage workshop for Scotty to install a set of tubs in the rear, so there’s still plenty of juicy ute content coming for your eyeballs soon! In the meantime, enjoy the new episode below.