Drag Challenge 2023 spectator tickets for The Bend Dragway available now!

Wanna come along to Drag Challenge for a day or a week? Here's everything you need to know


Drag Challenge is coming up soon! Here’s what you need to know:

How do you buy tickets to Drag Challenge 2023?

Tickets for Dragway at the Bend are online now, get them here! This includes a limited number of park & view passes for both days and spots in the Shannons Show & Shine on Saturday.

Tickets for The Bend will be available on the gate as well, but they’ll cost $5 more.

Tickets for Heathcote, South Coast Raceway and Mildura’s Sunset Strip will be available at the gate, adults are $30, kids 13 and under are free!

How do I enter the Shannnons Show & Shine on Saturday October 14 at Drag Challenge 2023?

It costs the driver of the car no more to enter the car show, but you’ll need to bring a chrome bumper ride or a flash modern muscle car. Other passengers must purchase their own ticket. Note that while the car show will be held in the pits, Show & Shine cars will be kept strictly in their own area, separate to the racers.

What tracks are we using for Drag Challenge?

  • Oct 9 – Check in – Dragway at The Bend. Gates open 9am, accreditation 9am-7pm
  • Oct 10 – Day 1 – Dragway at the Bend. Gates open 8am, racing 9am-3pm
  • Oct 11 – Day 2 – Sunset Strip Mildura. Gates open 8am, racing 9am-3pm
  • Oct 12 – Day 3 – Heathcote Park Raceway. Gates open 8am, racing 9am-3pm
  • Oct 13 – Day 4 – South Coast Raceway. Gates open 8am, racing 10am-4pm
  • Oct 14 – Day 5 – Dragway at the Bend. Gates open 8am, racing 10am-4pm

Will there be daily update videos for Drag Challenge?

You bet! And we’ll publish the results daily, along with massive image galleries. Keep an eye on our Instagram page and TikTok, too

Who is going to win Drag Challenge?

That’s a tough one! Mark Drew’s Crusty Torana, the BOLICS HQ Monaro, Luke Foley’s VH, Mark Whitla’s Capri, John Ricca’s new VL and two-time winner Harry Haig would all have to be high on your form guide as potential winners, with a whole pack of dark horses forming up behind them.

Any other tips?

It is going to be a hot week, so bring plenty of sunscreen and drink lots of water! See you at the track or on the socials