Video: Picking up all the parts we need for our VS ute!

In this episode of Carnage, we visit our mates at VPW Australia to grab all the go-fast gear we need for our latest build


There’s really no way around the fact that to go fast, you need quality parts. We’ve got intentions of running our VS ute in the seven-second bracket at some point, so we’re definitely going to need the best of the best to get this thing both swift and safe.

VPW Australia is not only a main sponsor of Carnage, but one of the best one-stop shops in the country for top-notch speed parts. The company offers plenty of name-brand products like Wilwood and Mickey Thompson, but also has its own standalone brands in Proflow and RTS, with Proflow in particular boasting a stupid amount of parts and tools to choose from.

Scotty spent a decent amount of time consulting the VPW, Proflow and RTS catalogues, before heading up to VPW’s headquarters in Epping, Melbourne with a big shopping list in hand.

After we had spent some time gawking at the extensive showroom, VPW’s Jake Cugnetto took us out the back to show us the inner workings of this massive operation, before introducing Scotty to the big pile of booty Jake had sorted for our VS project.

Once we got ’em all loaded up and back to the workshop, Scotty unboxed some of the big-ticket items – including the 427ci Dart LS Next – to show off just a fraction of the good gear going into this thing.

So give the episode below a watch, and tune in next week for more ute-y goodness!