Video: Fitting the 427ci LS to our VS ute

In this episode of Carnage¸ we hit a major milestone with our twin-turbo LS ute build

Videographers: Matt Hull

We’re back into the VS ute build in this latest episode of Carnage, as Scotty rips out of the old Ecotec V6 and fits an LS to the car for the very first time.

Pulling the old V6 was a messy but relatively simple process, one Scotty has done countless times before. We’ll keep the V6 as a spare for the Supermang, and Scotty is using one of our old LS1s as a dumby engine while the Dart LS Next is off getting some special treatment.

Our good mates at Tuff Mounts sent us over a complete swap kit to put an LS and powerglide into a VS V6 Commodore. That means no more sourcing expensive V8 crossmembers to do an LS swap into an earlier Commodore, and for once Scotty didn’t need to fabricate a transmission crossmember from scratch. Win!

Carnage sponsors VPW Australia have provided a tonne of gear for this project, which you can watch more about here. In this episode Scotty broke out some of those goodies, including a set of Proflow rocker covers, their new SuperMax+ LS intake manifold and an RTS oil pan.

The oil pan increases capacity and allows us to run a remote oil filter, but did also require clearancing on the subframe to make room for the new pan.

In the next episode we crack on with more utey goodness, but for now kick back, grab your favourite coldie and enjoy this fresh new episode of Carnage: