Video: Stripping out our VS Commodore ute

In this episode of Carnage, we begin the build of our Drag Challenge VS Commodore ute


It’s an exciting day for our VS Commodore ute project, as Scotty starts swinging spanners on the purple beast in preparation for its transformation from workhorse to racing steed.

One of the first jobs the ute will undergo is the addition of a full chrome-moly rollcage, put together by Adam Rogash from MPW Performance & Race Fab.

MPW will be helping a bunch with this project, so they wanted to corner-weight the ute as a baseline before Scotty started tearing it apart.

In the first episode of the ute series, Scotty had taken the VS to a local weighbridge and received the suspiciously light reading of 1240kg. Adam’s much more sophisticated corner-weight system actually revealed the ute to be a tad over 1320kg – a much more believable number.

Still, Adam reckoned that weight to be a good starting point, and all the go-fast hardware the ute will receive in the coming weeks shouldn’t add much more to its heft.

Once the car was scaled, Adam departed, leaving Scotty to get the ute ready for its rollcage. That involved removing the whole interior (which admittedly isn’t a lot on these old Holden utes), and deleting the factory sound deadening from the floor so that Adam had nice clean metal to weld onto.

Dry ice makes a job like this a hell of a lot easier, so Scotty got an Esky full of the stuff and had some fun cracking away the old sound insulation.

Check out the new Carnage episode below, and keep your eyes out for next week’s episode, when we get stuck into installing a rollcage in this thing. It’s all happening now!