Video: Fitting a Dart 427 LS to our VS ute

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty makes more progress with the LS conversion in our VS ute

Videographers: Matt Hull

Last week’s episode of Carnage was a real humdinger, with Scotty fighting sump-clearance issues as he nears the pointy end of our LS-into-VS project.

This episode is an important one, as it marks the first time our Dart 427ci LS has gone into the car. Up ’til now, Scotty has been using an old LS1 to dummy fit, but with the 427 long-block complete, we can start using it instead.

The first big job is relocating the steering rack, as it interferes with the starter motor. Normal starter-relocation kits don’t work with a Dart block, so Scotty has to get creative and draw up some new rack-relocation brackets in CAD.

The legends at MPW Performance cut them out for him, and after a quick test fit he welds them in solidly to tick a big job off the list.

Next, it’s time to start sealing up the LS for good. Scotty fits the front and rear covers, and explains why the car will retain mechanical water and power steering pumps. In a nutshell, it’s to save voltage for more important things.

There’s still plenty to do in the crunch to get this ute done in time for a guest appearance at MotorEx, so enjoy this week’s episode below and get pumped for plenty more ute content soon!