Video: Wiring in a Haltech Nexus R5

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty begins the long process of wiring in the Haltech Nexus to our VS ute

Videographers: Matt Hull

This week’s episode of Carnage sees Scotty continue installing the full suite of Haltech Nexus R5 goodies into our VS Commodore ute.

In last week’s episode, he got the physical R5 VCU mounted and the Haltech LS loom loosely laid out. You asked for it, so this time Scotty goes balls-deep into the nitty gritty of the wiring.

While we do have a Haltech terminated loom for the LS, all of our extra additions require handmade wiring. Our EGT and shock travel sensors and coil packs will all need their own connections to integrate with the R5, and Scotty tackles the latter in this ep.

First, the coils themselves need a home, so Scotty uses CAD to draw up some mounting brackets to suit our Proflow rocker covers, and has them cut out at MPW Performance.

It takes a bit of trial and error, but all eight Haltech IGN-1A coils eventually bolt to the engine. With that done, it’s time to build a loom to hook ’em up.

Wiring at this level is a thorough and time-consuming process. Scotty runs through the correct type of wire to use, how to wire them so the signals don’t overlap across cylinders, and how to sheath it all safely.

He also gets the battery installed in the tub and begins the process of mounting a drive-by-wire throttle pedal, so it’s all happening! Enjoy the new episode below: