Video: Starting the VS ute’s beefy fuel system!

Scotty prepares the the Drag Challenge ute to slurp lots and lots of E85


On the last episode of Carnage, Scotty got stuck into wiring up our mental Drag Challenge VS ute, starting with the Haltech Nexus R5 and ignition coils. Now it’s time to continue the journey by turning the fuel system into what’ll be the beefiest in the show’s history. 

To supply enough E85 to the turbo LS, Scotty will be running a trio of Walbro Hellcat pumps in a staged configuration, all tucked in a Proflow surge tank. 

The first mission was to work out where the tank would live; Scotty found a nice little cavity next to the battery, which only required a little bit of floor-belting action to work nicely. 

A pair of neat Proflow billet fuel rails went on next, and some 2000cc injectors were tested for fitment. They should well and truly be up to the task for the kind of power this thing’s bound to make.

The fuelling system on the VS will be a bit different from the Lexcen’s, to ensure the squirters can get 100 per cent of their capacity at all times. A -10 AN line will run from the surge tank to the engine bay, which then will split into one -8 feed for each rail. It’ll then return to the regulator, and flow through a -8 return to the surge pot. Getting every line and AN fitting bang-on with an allowable bend radius is a bit time-consuming, but the end result is satisfying as hell. 

Meanwhile, a few new bits have arrived from VPW, like a handy trans-cooler-and-fan combo, and a new fly-by-wire throttle body with a big ol’ 102mm opening. 

The ute’s throttle wiring and some of the dash and column controls have also been sorted, and Scotty’s continued his burgeoning CAD career by making some bracketry for engine bay-mounted regulators and sensors. MPW has been cutting them out for us, but maybe one day there’ll be a plasma-cutter table in the Carnage shop. 

We wrap up with a plug for great mates of SM Benny Hewlett and Redmond, who are doing a charity ride across the US with all proceeds supporting the Black Dog Institute. If you reckon it’s a good cause and have a few bucks to spare, throw them a bone here!  

Get your Friday fix of Carnage below: