Video: Fabricating a nine-inch diff for our VS ute!

In this episode of Carnage, our VS ute gets a beefy rear end fitted at MPW Performance

Videographers: Matt Hull

This episode of Carnage is a gud’n, as we take our VS Commodore ute back to MPW Performance & Race Fab for a beefy rear end conversion.

There isn’t much point trying to shove two turbos and 427 cubes of LS grunt through the original Borgy diff, so it needs an upgrade.

Luckily, our sponsors at VPW Australia are well sorted for such a task. Their RTS brand specialises in heavy duty driveline components, so they hooked us up with one of their universal RTS nine-inch diff housings as a starting point for our new diff.

They also provided the full Strange 35 spline floater kit, as well as the adjustable rear shockers.

With all the parts loaded up, Scotty had the ute towed to MPW to begin the job. They ripped the old diff out quick smart, and then left Scotty to remove all the factory mounting points for the suspension. None of them would be used for the new setup, so they were for the bin to make room for the fancy new stuff.

Adam Rogash walks us through all the cool science these guys undertake when setting up a rear end, before dressing our RTS housing with all the new adjustable mounting points.

A complex job like this is going to requires more than one episode, so give the latest one a watch below and get keen for more rear end content coming soon!