People keep stealing our stuff! – Carnage Plus episode 80

The Carnage crew have been subjected to a spate of five-finger discounts


THE good old days of leaving your house or car unlocked while you’re out for the day are long gone, and our Carnage exploits are by no means exempt from that.

For those who remember, we bought a very tired and ratty VX Commodore S-Pack out from under a tree a few months ago, before stripping the filthy supercharged L67 V6 out of the thing to use in our ‘Project Supermang’ VN Berlina.

The Carnage workshop is overflowing with project cars, so when push came to shove, the tired VX shell was parked outside. It didn’t take long for parts to go missing, and once someone took it upon themselves to steal the steering column, it rendered the VX pretty well immobile and parts began flying off it at that point.

We did manage to sell the wheels before they disappeared, but the bootlid and spoiler, roof trim and many other little parts were not so lucky.

Fortunately, Scotty had some good news about our troublesome Trolvo, so no doubt you’ll see some 1JZ action back on your screens in no time.