Resurrecting our VX for the dyno – Carnage Plus episode 48

Scotty and Kian wedge a new auto into their boosted Commodore donor car


THE VX lives! Scotty and Kian’s L67-powered donor Commodore was in a bad place when we last saw it, with a distinct lack of drive gears after its reverse-bang brutalisation.

Before extracting the Eaton-blown, 3.8-litre V6 from the VX and stuffing it into our lighter VN Berlina, the boys felt a baseline power test was needed. A trip down to the wreckers was thus in order, which yielded a cheap and cheerful 4L60E transmission.

As Scotty began the pull-down process on the damaged auto, he discovered a serious lack of splines on the input shaft. This meant another trip to the automotive cemetery in search of a safely usable torque converter.

With the exhaust system dropped to facilitate the transmission swap, our intrepid host decided to take things one step further by deleting the catalytic converters via reciprocating saw.

With a newly free-flowing exhaust on an otherwise stock VX, it was time for a trip to Maxx Performance in search of power figures.

Zane took the helm on the dyno, conjuring up 131kW (175hp) at the rear wheels. Considering the relatively low output of the factory L67 – 171kW (229hp) at the flywheel – it’s a reasonable figure.

Of course, this number won’t stay the same for long. Once the supercharged donk goes into the Carnage VN, there’ll be fun to be had in bumping up power.

Stay tuned for more action here and over on YouTube as the build continues!

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