Video: Making an abandoned Valiant hardtop run for the first time in 30 years!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty breathes new life into an abandoned Valiant coupe after 30 years!

Videographers: Matt Hull

Everyone loves a good shed find, and in this episode of Carnage, we’re changing it up with a little adventure to check out an abandoned Valiant.

Mopar nut Scotty got word from the Valiant’s owner that it was finally time to move it out of storage. All he knew going in was that it hadn’t moved for 30-odd years, and his job was to see if it’d run after all that time.

The car was sitting in a shed, covered in old aviation parts and panels. Scotty and Carnage video whiz Matty Hull cleared away all the excess to find a top-level, V8-powered 770 VG hardtop under the mess. Score!

Although it was missing a few panels and the odd piece of trim, the VG was mostly complete. Scotty was amazed with how rust free it was, and reckoned it’d make a great project for someone motivated.

Scotty checked to make sure the engine would turn over before hotwiring the ignition and starter motor.

He threw a bit of fuel down the carby, and boom! We heard life from the Chrysler V8 for the first time in three decades.

Give the new video a watch, and let us know whether we should take the Val back with us for a new Carnage project.