Buying a $500 car – Carnage Plus episode 44

Scotty and Kian pick up a new, supercharged project!


IT’S BEEN a while since the Carnage gang brought a new Holden to the workshop.

In fact, since Bubba took home the $2K Challenge VT Commodore, Scotty and Kian’s base of operations has been devoid of anything with a lion badge.

With this in mind, the boys have splurged on a $500 two-door Commodore. That makes it a Monaro, right? Well, not quite.

But this sad-looking, single-pegging VX does have supercharged goodness under the bonnet in the form of a GM L67 donk.

Offered as an option for some up-specced Commodores over the VS–VY ranges, the L67 is a 3.8-litre V6 with a small Eaton M90 blower providing boost. The combo provided a relatively pedestrian 230hp from the factory, but many have upped the blower drive with promising results.

Lined up against their predecessors, VT-VZ Commodores are large, heavy cars – which tends to dampen most of the L67’s grunt. In a smaller and lighter car, the blown V6 is able to come into its own.

Stay tuned to see what lies in wait for the motor on a future episode of Carnage!

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