Pulling out our $500 L67 – Carnage Plus episode 49

The budget supercharged donk gets pulled down in preparation for performance goodies


BY NOW, most viewers should know of the sad-looking, L67-powered VX Commodore that the Carnage gang snagged for $500. If you’ve just tuned in or need a refresher, Scotty and Kian saved the S-Pack from a nature strip, fired it up, broke the transmission, and then fitted a new one. So much for a rescue!

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But with a VN Berlina waiting patiently in the workshop, it was time to yank the supercharged six from its dilapidated home and treat it to some choice accessories. After disconnecting the necessary bolt-on parts and electrics, Scotty was ready to pull the 3.8 down to a short block.

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Taking on Maxx Performance’s Barra-powered EA will be something of a tall order for the V6, so head studs and heavy-duty gaskets will be a must if it’s to handle serious boost from a supercharger, turbocharger or both.

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The VN’s Turbo 700 auto will stay in place after some strengthening work, eliminating any electrical gremlins that can plague 4L60E transmissions. Beyond that, what happens to the VN is anybody’s guess.

Keep an eye out for more Carnage soon!

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