Burnout Masters winners list

The full honour roll for Australia's top burnout competiton


The Burnout Masters competition kicked off in 2004, at Street Machine Summernats 17. In those early years, competitors who finished first, second or third in the past ten Summernats burnout competitions were eligible to enter and then were set to remain as masters contenders for ever more. The rules were later revamped and these days – to even be in the running – you either need to have finished in the top five of the previous masters, finish in the top three of the regular comp – or get yourself in through one of the rigorous qualifying events during the year. If you miss out on all of that, the Last Chance Wild Card Shootout on the Thursday of Summernats is the final pathway in.

No-one, but no-one gets in by resting on their laurels. There are some pretty famous competitors on the list of Burnout Masters winners, but what is surprising is the number of big names who have won plenty of comps over the years, but never taken out the big one. Steve Loader, Fred Watson, Lynchy and many more are all sitting on the outside, hungry for a Masters win. Who will join the list in 2023? We’ll find out at Street Machine Summernats 35, 5-8 January.

Summernats Burnout Masters

17 Gary Myers

18 Matt Abood

19 Peter Gray

20 Peter Gray

21 Greg Young

22 Peter Gray

23 Clint Ogilvie

24 Gary Myers

25 Don Elphick

26 Peter Grmusa

27 Mick Brasher

28 Brett Battersby

29 Andrew Pool

30 Steve Nogas

31 Matt James

32 Jake Myers

33 Rick Fuller

34 Tim Brown