Steve Nogas blew everyone away when he unveiled his 2012 Camaro burnout car KILLA-B and now as reigning Burnout Master it's still insane!


STEVE Nogas dropped plenty of jaws when he debuted his KILLA-B Camaro in 2012, and he’s still wowing people with it, including the judges of this year’s Summernats Burnout Masters.

 While Steve was obviously stoked to take home the $15K cheque and all the associated bragging rights that come with a Masters win, the Werribee, Victoria resident reckons his greatest reward for being involved in burnouts is simply time spent with the family.

 “My sons are into cars as well, so we do this as a family and we have so much fun,” he explains. “I’m a believer in giving kids something to do other than roam the streets and look for trouble. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent a lot to participate in this sport, but I’ve got a friend whose son has an addiction problem, and mate, I can guarantee you he’s spent more money on rehab for that boy than I have on this car.”

 KILLA-B enjoys rock-star status among the kids. “Some people don’t like anyone touching their car but I open the doors and let kids get in,” Steve says. “They’re not going to do anything worse than what I’m doing to it!”

 Driver: Steve Nogas
Car: KILLA-B, 2010 Chevrolet Camaro
Engine: 510ci Dart Big M big-block, 16/71 Littlefield blower