Burnout Masters finals and Championship eliminations at Street Machine Summernats 36

The people’s champion Andrew Lynch finally scores his first Burnout Masters crown at ’Nats 36

Photographers: Ashleigh Wilson

There was plenty of celebration happening around EPIC on day three of Street Machine Summernats 36, but few would have partied harder than Andrew ‘LYNCHY’ Lynch, who was crowned Burnout Master for the first time after years of skidding his infamous Corolla in the Masters.

The other Masters finalists cheered along with the pumped-up crowd when Lynchy was announced as the winner – a fitting tribute to his long history of wild ’Nats performances.

Runner-up went to Chris Orchard in his NASCAR-powered VH Commodore, THE GAME, followed by Robert Cottrell in third in his 4DH8RS XD Falcon.

The other finalists put in stellar efforts, too. Justin Pitsikas laid down a great skid in his blown BMW, while Brad Kilby in the HAMMERTIME Daihatsu Feroza produced huge smoke clouds and left his tyres on the pad. Rick Fuller got stuck close to the wall in FULLONX, so he chucked the HX in reverse and backed up to the finish line, where he tipped in a second time.

The Burnout Championship comp also heated up on Saturday, with the second round of eliminations in the afternoon seeing plenty of tyre and engine bay fires as temperatures soared on the blacktop.

Daniel Vella in the FRYLC Torana had flames licking the wall during his skid, while New Zealand contenders Ryan Shirtcliffe and Garrett Matthews had bad luck, both hitting the wall in the VIOLENT Mitsubishi Lancer and DSPRNG HQ Tonner respectively. Shannon Heraud had a killer run in his blown Ford Escort, while Kyle Priestly threw his blown VH wagon, FILTHV, into all corners of the pad, making tonnes of smoke in the process. Keelan Heit also put on a top smoke show as the crowd cheered him on in his SKRTLIFTA Tonner. 

A selection from Saturday’s Championship eliminations will be returning to the pad for Sunday’s finals, and we’ll also see the first-ever Burnout Masters Ultimate Redemption round.