West Australian Matt James drives the flame-throwing blown big-block VF Commodore ute 'UNWANTED'


WEST Australian Matt James is another bloke who reckons one skid car just isn’t enough. Parked alongside his UNWANTED VF ute, you’ll quite often see TUFFLS1, a VP sedan that Matt shows absolutely no mercy to, and also in his COMPACT Fairlane, which is essentially an elite-level show car built for burnouts! It uses a George Separovich-built 340ci small-block Chev. Yes, you read that right – Chev!

 “I came into contact with George at the beginning of last year and it changed the whole way I play the game,” Matt says. “I’ve got the best of both worlds [with the big- and small-block], but I definitely like the small cubes/big revs thing. Then again, I’ve got the big cubes and getting some big revs as well.” Having said that, Matt admits that he turns the BBC to 8500rpm, but it will go over 9000. He also mentioned that a new small-cube, dry-sumped LS is being prepped for TUFFLS1, so watch out!

 If you think there’s something vaguely familiar about UNWANTED, it could be that it was originally a black VE called BLOWN. Matt updated it to a VF and changed the entire driveline except for the injector hat and wheels.

 Driver: Matt James
Car: UNWANTED, VF Commodore ute
Engine: 480ci Chevy big-block, 14/71 blower