Summernats burnout prizemoney boosted to $70,000+, new Pro Burnout Series launched

Summernats announces massive new prizemoney and a brand-new burnout series


Summernats has announced today that the total burnout prize pool for Street Machine Summernats 37 will grow to exceed a whopping $70,000. The winner of the top competition will take home $50,000 outright – an increase of $30,000, along with further increases in both the top and second-tier comps.

That’s some serious dough, acknowledging the massive time and effort that entrants put into travelling and competing all around the country. Talk about upping the stakes!

Pro Burnout Series

In other news, Summernats has moved to create a new qualifying series, dubbed the Pro Burnout Series:

“Since November 2022, appointment of qualifying events has been undertaken by Burnout Masters. Given the complexities of motorsport insurance, the Summernats organisation has taken advice that we should directly engage, and do due diligence on, all events in a qualifying series for the Summernats. 

“As a result, the Summernats is moving on from its licence agreement to use the Burnout Masters brand and will appoint all qualifying events directly. Of course, Summernats will recognise all events in the list already announced by Burnout Masters for 2024.

“The Summernats continues to love and endorse the Burnout Masters Game, which currently includes the world famous Summernats pad. The Burnout Masters is an amazing game played by millions worldwide. It is a fantastic promotional vehicle for the sport of burnouts, showcasing drivers and events, helping current and new fans connect with the world’s wildest motorsport.”

Pro Class & Open Class

The first Pro Burnout Series Grand Final will be held at Summernats 37, with the winner of the Pro Class to be crowned the Summernats Pro Master. The winner of the Open Class will be named the Summernats Open Champion.

Wanna make it to the Pro Burnout Grand Final? You’ll need to kick arse at one of the Pro Burnout Series events, or compete as the Wildcard entry at Summernats 37.

What are the Pro Burnout Series qualifying events for Summernats 37?

All events and qualified drivers already announced by Burnout Masters are valid for Summernats 37 in 2025, along with two additional events at Northern Nats (QLD – May 10-12) and Chrome Horsepower Festival (NZ – Aug 2-4). These events will receiving two qualifying tickets each.

  • Summernats 36 – ACT – Jan 4-7
  • Motorvation 38 – WA – Feb 2-4
  • Portland Powernats – Vic – Feb 24
  • West Oz Burnout Series – Kondinin – Mar 8-9
  • Good Fryday – Sydney – Mar 29
  • Rockynats – Rockhampton – Mar 30-31
  • Steel City Nats – Whyalla – May 4-5
  • Northern Nats – Cairns – May 10-12
  • Brashernats – Sydney – June 9
  • Gazzanats – Darwin – Jun 28-29
  • Tropical Meltdown – Cairns – Jul 20
  • Chrome Horsepower Festival – NZ – Aug 2-4
  • Red CentreNATS – Alice Springs – Aug 30 – Sep 1
  • Powercruise – Brisbane – Sep 6-7
  • West Coast Nats – Perth – TBC
  • Thrashernats – Yarragundry – TBC
  • Autofest – NZ – TBC
  • Summernats 37 – Canberra – Jan 2-5