While ATRISK is getting a revamp, Peter Grmusa is skidding his insane blown and injected Ford F100 'F-DIS'


OVER more than a decade in the skid business, Peter Grumsa and his ATRISK XR have collected two Summernats Burnout Championships, one Burnout Masters title, and three Street Machine cover features. Peter and the car have changed with the times and stayed on top, but he still gets the same kick out of driving a show-quality car onto a burnout pad and giving it all seven bells of hell.

 “I put a lot of effort into the XR, but when it’s on the startline and people can see how nice the car is and they’re thinking: ‘I can’t believe he’s gonna do this!’ it brings more hype to the show,” says Pete, who also runs his own event, Xtreme Powerfest, in Shepparton.

 ATRISK is currently undergoing another transformation and is expected to be unveiled in the coming months with much-improved handling capabilities underneath, as well as a new interior and candy paint. In the meantime, Peter is using the car’s 702-cube motor and gearbox in his low-buck, big-fun F100.

 Peter finished third in the Burnout Championship when he debuted the F100 at ’Nats 30. “I think that showed you don’t need a $20,000 paintjob to stand out,” he says. “Get something with a wild look to start with and then put the money you saved into the engine – the engine is what gives you the performance. Put those things together right and you get that wow factor.”

 Driver: Peter Grmusa
Car: F-DIS Ford F100, ATRISK 1967 Ford XR Falcon
Engine: 702ci Chevy big-block, 6/71 Littlefield blower