Rusty wrecks in White Cliffs – Classic Car Hunter

Checking out the abandoned rusty cars in White Cliffs, NSW

Videographers: Matt Reekie

OUR Classic Car Hunter Glenn Torrens is back with another adventure, this time from White Cliffs in the Australian outback. Around 250km north-east of Broken Hill, White Cliffs was established in the late 19th century when opal was discovered in the ground there. These days it is home to just 100 people; as Glenn found out during his trip, much of the town has been abandoned.

Without a local wrecking yard, if your car broke down and couldn’t be fixed, chances are it was just left exactly where it stopped. Plenty of old Aussie cars have been left to deteriorate in White Cliffs, and for an outback town with little rainfall, it was surprising just how many cars were rusted out beyond repair. From early EH Holden utes to 1980s Volvos and even old tractors and mining equipment, all kinds of tough Australian-made metal can be found scattered across the opal fields.

Watch the video to check ’em out.