Glenn Torrens checks out an enormous stash of old cars in South Australia's Barossa region

Videographers: Matt Reekie

SOUTH AUSTRALIA’S Barossa region is well-known for its wines, especially its world-class reds. But as Street Machine’s car hunting team of Glenn Torrens and Matt Reekie discovered recently, the Barossa has something else that makes the region worth visiting: an enormous stash of old cars!

It’s easily the biggest stash of classics we’ve ever witnessed. Word is, there’s more than 5000 of them packed, stacked and scattered over several square kilometres. As you will see in this episode of Classic Car Hunter presented by Ryno Insurance, we spent a morning wandering around and found so much cool stuff, from FX-FJ Holdens and a stack of early Falcons, Austins, Anglias and Vauxhalls, Geminis and Escorts, a few Cortinas and Fairlanes and a scattering of early Commodores. There was a surprising number of cool old Toyota Crowns and we even found a Rambler for Street Machine’s own Rambler nut, Boris Viscovic!

We saw less than half of it during our visit. Many – if not most – of them have been there for decades and unfortunately their general condition shows it: There are lots of through-the-metal holes in floors and lower panels.

But as with any such ‘collection’ of cars parked on grass in rural Australia, there are also lot of spare parts that street machiners could use to keep an older streeter running, or for restorers to recondition and use to breathe new life into a collector-spec classic. Enjoy!