Video: Starting old cars at Flynn’s Wrecking Yard!

Glenn Torrens and a few of his mates take a wander through Flynn’s Wrecking Yard to see what cars they can get to run on their own steam once again


Ever wandered through a wrecking yard and quietly contemplated which cars could actually still run and maybe even drive under their own power? Well in this episode of Addicted to Cars, Glenn Torrens looks to find out as he trawls through Flynn’s Wrecking Yard.

In another recent episode of Addicted to Cars, Glenn Torrens sadly explained the story about how the wrecker, based in Cooma, NSW, may not be around for much longer as the owner has listed the property for sale.

You can watch that full episode here, but the basic rub is that if the property sells then odds are all the cars will likely be scrapped as part of the handover.

Because of that, GT and his mates decided to have one last trawl through the yard and see what cars they could get easily run and drive. Armed with a battery, some Start Ya Bastard and basic tools the boys went hunting to see what could be salvaged.

Cars in the yard range from as early as Pre-WWII all the way through to today, so the boys were spoiled for choice. So sit back, grab your favourite brewski and watch GT and his crew try and start some old relics, the results will definitely surprise you!

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