Checking out the hundreds of rusty cars set to be auctioned off in Geelong with the Classic Car Hunter


ON Saturday this weekend there’s a big auction of classic cars and trucks down in Geelong. It’s part of a deceased estate with between 200 and 300 vehicles up for grabs, so we thought we’d go down and check it out. A lot of the cars are completely disintegrated and have been eaten by rust and aren’t restorable, but if you’re after trim pieces, grilles, interiors and other bits and bobs these cars are perfect donors.

Among all the rusty wrecks we did come across quite a few cars that would not take much to get cruising. While many of the cars have been left outside for a number of years to rust, there are about five sheds worth of nearly rust-free examples that have sat sheltered from the weather. Along with the cars, there’s also a heap of spare parts up for auction including everything from hubcaps, to complete engines and body panels for a range of cars.

The auction will be held at 34 Separation Street in Geelong North, Victoria this Saturday 4 June.