Classic Car Hunter strikes gold, finding a massive collection of rusty cars on a private property in NSW

Videographers: Matt Reekie, Rose Holmes

GLENN Torrens, our resident Classic Car Hunter presented by Ryno Insurance is back again to take a look at a collection of classic cars, rusted beyond repair on a private property a couple of hours out of Sydney. This overgrown paddock is home to hundreds of classic Holdens, Fords, Chryslers and more that have simply been dumped and left to deteriorate.

 During his travels, GT was able to find a couple of later model cars that could probably be restored and put back on the road, but the majority were well beyond repair, missing panels and afflicted with huge amounts of rust. However, there were pieces of trim and chrome that could probably be used in a restoration project if the owner was to put the cars up for sale one day. For example, GT came across a pile of chrome bumper bars, and most looked like they were pretty straight and still shiny!

This place was a real time warp, with custom signwriting and graphics still visible through heavily faded clear coat, and I don’t think we’ve seen more rusty old Aussie-made cars in one place than on this farm. GT even managed to find an old speedway Torana complete with welded up doors and a roll cage! And of course he couldn’t help but find at least one Volkswagen Beetle.

The pick of the bunch was an XE Falcon S pack sedan with just 80,000km on the clock. It looked a little rough and tired, but we reckon with a fluid top up, new tyres and a buff job, it’d probably make a decent little cruiser.

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