Nulon Project XY Episode Eight: The Handover

Neil Horsley takes the keys to his new Ford XY Falcon GT replica


IF you’ve been following along with the Nulon Project XY video series, you’ll know that over the last twelve months the boys and girls from Nulon have transformed a six-pot Falcon 500 into a stunning GT replica. The six pot was thrown away in favour of a 408ci Clevo built by BK Race Engines and the Grandma turquoise paint stripped and replaced by Track Red duco.

Underneath a nine-inch rear end was fitted to cope with all the extra ponies, and up front the XY was decked out with RRS gear to help it stop and steer. And inside it was finished with a GT-style interior.

In the last episode the winner was announced as Neil Horsley. His name was drawn out of a pool of around 55,000 people who entered the competition to win the XY Falcon. In this final episode, the car is handed over to Neil, and he’s now out there on the road enjoying his beautiful Ford XY Falcon GT replica.