In episode three of Nulon's Project XY Falcon build, BK Race Engines piece together a tough 408ci Clevo and fire it up for the first time on the engine dyno


NULON’s Project XY build is rapidly taking shape, and when it came time to re-power the Falcon, the team at Nulon looked to Billy at BK Engines, who prescribed a tough 408ci Clevo stroker. In this episode of Nulon’s video series, we head to BK and chat to Billy about the engine building process, and the components he chose for the build.

 The combo consists of a factory Clevo block fitted with a Scat crank and rods, custom forged pistons, and a custom-grind solid cam. The motor is topped with CHI 3V heads and a CHI single plane manifold, with the hard-anodised, 950cfm APD billet carb is a very trick piece. Spark is supplied by a complete ICE ignition system.

 With the freshly-built Clevo mounted on the dyno, Bill takes it through the run-in and tuning process, before stomping out an impressive 634hp.

 Keep an eye out for the next episode, when the car is painted by the team at Spray Fever, and the killer new Clevo is fitted up.

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