Nulon Project XY, Episode 5 – Video

Nulon's Project XY Falcon receives its finishing touches


IN THE fifth and final instalment of Nulon’s Project XY build, we re-cap the build process, before taking you through the final fit-up of the car.

 It’s the fiddly bits at the end of any build that can soak up the most time, so it was all hands on deck for the final run to the line. First up, the dummy Top Loader was swapped out for a rebuilt item, while the brakes were fitted up, and the custom exhaust system built by Daniel from Impossible Fabrications.

 Wiring is critical for safety and reliability in a street car, so Nulon looked to Raiden Technologies, who built a brand new wiring harness from the ground up.

Then it was time for the big moment – the first start-up of the sweet BK Engines-built Clevo stroker, naturally with the assistance of some Nulon Start Ya Bastard. It fired on the first hit of the key, and sounded sensational.

 The car was then hauled off to Nulon HQ for a private unveiling ceremony with the staff. Nulon employee ‘Uncle Mike’ was sceptical of heading down the GT replica route when we spoke to him in Episode 1, but after he saw the finished product and was given the opportunity to sample the 600-plus horsepower on offer, he soon changed his tune!

 The car is staggeringly well built, and despite having the outward appearance of a standard XY GT, it has upgrades to the powertrain, suspension, steering and brakes that make it a far better driver’s car than a factory-spec’d GT ever was.

 Following the car’s tour of duty at different events and auto parts stores, it will be given away to one lucky punter. You can register for your chance to win at, or purchase a Nulon product from a participating retailer for even more entries into this awesome competition.

We’d love to see the car go to a Street Machine reader, so make sure you get involved. You’ve got to be in it to win it!