MPW Performance workshop tour – Video

Checking out some of the cool projects the boys at MPW are working on


WHEN it comes to high-performance LS motors, the boys at MPW are the guys to speak to in Melbourne. Their workshop churns out tough late-model Commodores on a daily basis, with everything from cam upgrades to turbos, blowers and general servicing. But their long-term projects are where the real fun starts.

 Adam Rogash, Luke Foley and the crew can basically build you a turnkey street or race car from start to finish, including rollcage, tubs, rear end, tubular front end and everything in between. Working with partners like Powerhouse Engines, McDonald Brothers Racing and Haltech, they can pretty much build you a seven-second early-Commodore streeter, stuff an LSA into a Torana, or engineer an LS1 into a VK.

 Since Adam built his own seven-second ALLSHOW VK Commodore decked out with a Powerhouse Engines 440ci LS Next, twin turbos, McDonald Brothers front and rear ends, Plazmaman intercooler and billet intake and all the Haltech fruit, it has become a blueprint for future customer builds. Nathan Borg’s HDT LE VL Commodore was almost identical, but with a few tweaks learnt from building ALLSHOW. That car was completed earlier this year and blew everyone away at Meguiar’s MotorEx in Melbourne.

 Now MPW is onto the third iteration, a VL Walkinshaw replica, again with the ALLSHOW set-up but with different Precision turbos. And while that’s going on, they’re doing an LSA into a Torana hatch, another eight-second turbo LS VL Commodore, and the rest of the day-to-day performance stuff.

 Check out the video that Richard and the guys from Haltech put together, taking a tour around MPW. Adam and Luke have been huge helps with our Carnage MX5.7 twin-turbo LS-powered Mazda MX-5, as well as my own VL Commodore. Check ’em out!