Twin-turbo 440ci HDT LE VL Calais at MotorEx – Video

Nathan Borg's genuine HDT LE VL Calais packs a twin-turbo 440ci LS and is capable of seven-second quarter-mile times


NATHAN Borg’s stunning genuine HDT LE VL Calais is a build that we’ve been following from the beginning as it took shape at MPW Performance in Dandenong. Driveline-wise it’s pretty much identical to Adam Rogash’s ALLSHOW VK Commodore – a build that we covered extensively last year and saw run deep into the seven-second bracket with a PB of 7.75@180mph down the quarter-mile.

 So yes, Nathan’s VL has the potential to go very quick indeed. It’s running the same Powerhouse Engines 440ci Dart LS Next mill and twin 75mm Turbonetics turbos, Haltech Elite computer, Plazmaman intake manifold and ’cooler, Powerglide trans and McDonald Brothers Racing chrome-moly tubular front end. It’s all the proven stuff, but with a few improvements the MPW boys learned from building ALLSHOW, and finished to an even higher build quality. The HDT even retains the factory sunroof.

 Besides the mental driveline, what really sets this VL apart is the custom interior. The rollcage is all hidden behind the suede rooflining, and the Kirkey race seats have been trimmed in such a way that they almost look like factory sports bucket seats. The big wheel tubs are also hidden behind the rear seat. It all just looks modern with an 80s twist.

 You might remember Nathan’s other car, a Datsun ute dubbed HRDWRK that won Summernats Grand Champion in 2015 and cleaned up on debut at MotorEx. But this new build isn’t for show. “I wanted something I could drive the kids around in,” said Nathan. But he’s equally keen to get into the drag racing scene, and this is one hell of a car to do that with.