Video: Using a Haltech universal loom to wire up our V8 Lexcen

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty begins the process of wiring the Haltech ECU into our 1UZ V8-swapped Lexcen project

Videographers: Matt Hull

Wiring is a part of any project that most of us car buffs dread, but our Carnage chieftain Scotty Taylor is not one of those.

Working as a Telstra technician some 30 years ago, Scotty spent his days soldering and splicing wires on the daily. That bodes well for what he tackles in this episode, as he has to come to grips with building his own wiring harness for the Lexcen.

The Lexcen will be using the Trolvo’s (now discontinued) Elite 2000 ECU, as the top-rank 2500 Haltech sent us for the project is currently in our Barra MX-5 (which just made 1000rwhp!). We also won’t be needing a full-fat 2500 as we’re sticking with cable throttle instead of drive-by-wire on the 1UZ, so the recycled 2000 will suit our needs perfectly.

The basis of the wiring is a Haltech universal unterminated loom. The premium harness comes terminated at the ECU end, and includes a fuse and relay box already set up. Having the unterminated premium loom also allows us the flexibility to customise the set-up for coil-on-plug, which isn’t standard on the 1UZ.

Wiring any car or EFI engine is usually a long process, and there’s no shortcuts to be had. In saying that, one future cheat code Scotty did work in was a motorsport connector. It acts as a connection point on the firewall for the entire engine loom, and simply unscrews to disconnect the whole lot.

That means when we pull the engine, we’ll only have to undo the connector rather than pulling the whole loom off the engine. Pretty neat!

Well, it would have been if we could make the motorsport connector work. After two days, Scotty called it quits and is going to pivot to a military-spec connector to do the job.

While creating the harness is a big and at times frustrating task, using the Haltech unterminated loom makes the job so much easier. Using the right gear, such as Haltech’s own crimping tools also makes a massive difference.

Grab a coldie and kick back with this latest episode of Carnage, and we’ll have plenty more Lexcen wiring action for your eyeballs soon.