Video: Turbo and intercooler piping for the 1UZ V8 Lexcen!

In this episode of Carnage, our 1UZ V8 Lexcen gets a stack of awesome fab work done as it edges closer to its first fire-up

Videographers: Matt Hull

Sometimes it’s just better to hand the important jobs off to the pros, and in this episode of Carnage, that’s exactly the route Scotty chose to get the complex intercooler and turbo plumbing done for our 1UZ-swapped Toyota Lexcen.

Ben from Top G Fabrication in Melbourne’s Seaford is a master fabricator, having refined his craft over the years in a bunch of roles, including stints at several V8 Supercars teams. While Scotty could’ve tackled the ’cooler piping himself in the Carnage workshop, in the interests of timeliness and less stress, it was a far better option to palm the jobs off to Ben.

In a week, Ben smashed out the piping to the Proflow intercooler, the crossover pipe for the exhaust, and the mounting position for the turbo.

He also made the dump pipe, the radiator pipes and even a nice little hideaway cover for the Proflow surge pot in the boot.

The ’cooler piping also uses Proflow boost clamps throughout to eliminate the need for silicone joiners (so no more pesky pipes blowing off under boost), and Ben also found a spot for our Turbosmart wastegate.

There’s still a few small fab jobs for Ben to tackle before his work is done on the Lexcen, but getting the major piping done was a big step forward. Scotty’s also committed to using the AllFast-built Turbo 400 ’box from the Trolvo rather than the Toyota A340, in order to help futureproof the car, so there’s still plenty more to do! In the meantime, enjoy this new episode of Carnage.