Video: The finishing touches on the 1UZ V8 Lexcen wagon

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty gets the 1UZ-swapped V8 Lexcen ready for its first fire up!

Videographers: Matt Hull

Our sleepy 1UZ V8 Lexcen wagon makes a return in this episode of Carnage, as Scotty makes the final touches to get it ready for its first start.

If you missed it, Scotty did do a last minute thrash on this thing to try and get it ready for Drag Challenge 2023 back in October. Unfortunately, the converter got stuck in transit right on the death, so the car didn’t make it.

Since then, all the missing parts we’ve needed have finally shown up, so it’s time to get this thing working. First up was sorting the converter from AllFast in Western Australia, who also threw a trans shield from CSC Performance in the box for us. While we hope it’s never needed, a containment shield around a transmission is always a good idea on a highly stressed driveline.

Once the gearbox was in for the final time, Scotty took some time off camera to dial in a bunch of the wiring and plumbing. This is the sort of work that seems inconspicuous, but in reality takes a bloody long time. He got the car to a state where it was ready for a basic initial fire up, and this is when you find you need to do most of your trouble shooting.

A perfect example of that was when he went to power up the Haltech Elite 2000 ECU, only to find he had no juice. After pulling hairs, he found the earth wasn’t connected. A simple fix, but just one of the many problems you can overlook on a build this extensive.

Peep the newest episode below: