Video: Building a 1000hp fuel system for our V8 Lexcen project

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty kits out our V8 Lexcen project with a sweet new fuel system

Videographers: Matt Hull

Fuel is one of the most important areas to address when you’re chasing more horsepower, which is why this episode of Carnage sees Scotty fitting a whole new system to our V8 Lexcen wagon project.

With goals of over 500rwhp from the turbo-fed 1UZ Toyota V8, we’ll definitely need a fuel system to match. Luckily for us, VPW is a sponsor of the show, and the company’s Proflow brand makes just about every upgraded fuel system part you could ever need for such a task.

Proflow’s super-cool surge pot can hold up to three 600hp pumps (we’re using two), and we’ll also be using the brand’s rising-rate fuel regulators, flex-fuel sensor bracket and plenty of –8AN Teflon lines and fittings.

The first major job was finding a home for the surge pot. Given that our Lexcen is a wagon, there was no real way of easily hiding it in the boot. Scotty did find a compromise though, recessing the pot into the rear quarter using a factory cut-out to keep it as out of the way as possible.

The original fuel tank was also dropped to give Scotty room to run all the lines for the new system, along with a number of bulkhead fittings in the boot floor.

With the rear somewhat laid out, Scotty turned his attention to the front. The fuel pressure regulator and feed and return lines needed to be mapped out, but before that could happen, the 1UZ had to be dropped back in once again.

Scotty found a neat spot to mount the reg and also used some more Proflow Teflon line to link up the two BPP fuel rails. The regulator doesn’t have a mechanical gauge, as we’ll be using a Haltech fuel pressure sensor to help monitor and set pressure.

Next week, we’ll continue on with the fuel system build as the Lexcen edges closer to its first fire-up, but for now, kick back and relax with this latest episode of Carnage.