Video: Brake booster delete on the 1UZ Lexcen

In this episode of Carnage, our 1UZ V8 Lexcen loses its brake booster – but for a good reason!

Videographers: Matt Hull

If you’ve been following Scotty’s efforts so far with our 1UZ-swapped Toyota Lexcen wagon project, you’ll know he’s been having dramas with brake booster clearance.

Both the standard VR Commodore (which this car effectively is) and the slimmer VS booster didn’t want to play nice with the tall, overhead cam Toyota 1UZ V8.

As much as he didn’t want to do it, Scotty has had to admit defeat and ditch the booster altogether. While that sounds a bit dodgy, the fellas at Castlemaine Rod Shop do a complete booster delete kit with high quality Wilwood gear to make the conversion as safe and easy as possible.

So in this episode, Scotty walks us through the entire process needed to get the kit on the car, fully bled and working. Rod Shop supply the master cylinder, proportioning valve, firewall adapter and mounting hardware, so all we really had to do was flare and massage the original front and rear brake lines to meet the bias controller.

That process was made a whole lot easier by using Proflow’s new double flaring tool kit. Scotty even managed to flare one of the lines in the car, but we suggest doing it in the vice to save yourself a lot of donations to the swear jar.

With the system all plumbed and bled up, the next stage for the Lexcen is to head off to Ben at Top G Fabrication to sort out the intercooler piping and a few other big fab jobs. You can see a sneak preview of his work below, and it’s given us plenty of motivation to get this thing done!

Enjoy the latest episode below: