Video: Our new project car – a twin-turbo LS Holden ute!

In this episode of Carnage, we reveal our new project! And it’s going to be our wildest, best build to date


This fresh episode of Carnage is one we’ve been teasing the diehard fans with for some time now, as we finally reveal our latest project car – a VS Commodore ute!

We’ve had the ute for a few months now, purchasing it from a Grays auction on the cheap. She’s a fairly tidy rig for a 1997 model, and unlike most manual V6 90s Commodores, it hasn’t been slammed on the ground with a welded diff.

It has undergone a colour change from the original red to some type of Holden purple (of which there are many), but we kinda dig it.

We’ve been talking about doing a Holden ute for some time now, and this one is going to be the most comprehensive and wildest build we’ve ever done on the channel – and it’ll run the quickest times, too.

With the help of Adam Rogash and his team at MPW Performance & Race Fab, and Carnage sponsors VPW Australia, we’re going to turn the ute into a twin-turbo, seven-second-capable monster.

At the heart of it all will be the full-bore 427ci Dart LS Next engine. We won’t be taking any shortcuts with this build, so we’re starting with the best engine we can and working from there.

Before we hook into any of that, though, Scotty wanted to baseline the ute to get some numbers so we can see just how much we’ll end up improving it. That meant a trip to see our mates at Heathcote Park Raceway to run some stock numbers, some time on the Maxx Performance dyno with the trusty Ecotec, and a quick stop at a weighbridge.

Feast your eyes on the new episode below, and get excited as we kick off this new series that’ll see a fresh episode every week!