Video: Tearing down the Carnage Lexcen 1UZ V8

On this episode of Carnage, Scotty tears down the 1UZ V8 engine for our Toyota Lexcen project

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

Recently on Carnage, Scotty got busy pulling the 1UZ V8 out of our donor Toyota Soarer to get it ready to transplant in our VR Lexcen wagon, the end goal being to create a super-cool, turbocharged street sleeper.

The poor old Soarer that donated its 4.0-litre quad cam heart had basically been run into the ground, having spent the last of its days as a paddock basher before we took possession of it.

What that meant was that even after the magical 1UZ had been liberated from the shell, the filth still couldn’t be escaped. Rats nests, oil leaks and half a paddock under the intake manifold meant the teardown process was not fun.

But it’s all worth it in the end. The reason for the extensive tear-down is we want to get this thing ready to cop some serious boost, so big arterials like the heads had to come off.

The plan is to stick boost-happy camshafts into the original heads, along with some aftermarket MLS head gaskets and head studs.

The bottom end will stay untouched for now, but we will be changing the sump so we can just drop the 1UZ onto the VR/VS V8 subframe with our Castlemaine Rod Shop engine mounts.

Once we get the heads back from the machine shop and our new sump rocks up, Scotty can start bolting the 1UZ together and prepping it to drop into the unsuspecting Lexcen – but not before the block gets a much-needed clean up.