Video: Making the 1UZ V8 fit in the Lexcen

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty wrestles the 1UZ V8 into our Toyota Lexcen wagon

Videographers: Matt Hull

The end of the week brings with it a hot new episode of Carnage¸ and this week Scotty continues work on our turbo 1UZ V8 Lexcen wagon sleeper project.

Last week’s episode saw the engine get finished off and Scotty have a first crack at test fitting it, where he found the driver’s side rocker cover was having clearance issues with the brake booster.

Unwilling to give up the luxury (and safety) of a brake booster on what’ll be a 10-second street car, he had to think a bit outside the box for a solution. The easiest and quickest was to notch a section of the rocker cover, so this episode focuses on that.

After making an initial cut, the engine was swung back into the bay of the Lexcen and the gearbox bolted to the back of it to ensure the Toyota V8 was sitting at the accurate height. He found there was still some more massaging needed, so it was out with the death wheel to slice a bit more meat off the cover.

While the engine was getting pulled in and out, Scotty also decided to test fit our turbo log manifolds for clearance. While they do have to go on the engine first before it drops into the car, the fit will do nicely for our needs.

As for the gearbox mount, Scotty made a hybrid from the Lexcen’s original mount and a Tuff Mounts adapter with some plate to marry the two for the Toyota A340s new home.

With the ‘box and engine bolted in properly, the clearance work on the rocker cover got the nod of approval from the big man.

In the next episode we’ll get the hole patched up, and then make a lot more headway with this project – because there’s plenty to be done!