Video: Racing the 700rwhp, 1UZ V8 Lexcen!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty races our 700hp, V8 1UZ Lexcen for the first time

Photographers: Michelle Porobic
Videographers: Matt Hull

For this fresh episode of Carnage, we go racing with the sleeper 1UZ Toyota Lexcen wagon to see what 712hp can give us on the timing boards.

If you missed recent episodes, Scotty performed a last-minute thrash on this to get it ready for Street Machine Summernats 36. He had a whale of a time cruising the thing around, and it made an astonishing 712hp to the hubs from the turbocharged 1UZ in the MPW Dyno Cell.

Now, it’s time to see what all that can equal at the track. Behind the 1UZ is an AllFast Turbo 400 we nicked from the Trolvo, and the factory Borgwarner diff has been given some beefier internals thanks to Mobile Diff Repairs.

Scotty bolted a pair of 235 radials to the back, then drove one hour north to Calder Park Raceway.

The night was broken up into two parts. First, would be a traditional quarter mile test and tune, followed by roll racing. We were keen both to see what the Lexcen could stop the clocks at, as well as to have our first go at this roll racing thing.

With a totally unproven car, Scotty eased into the night. A 12.73@109mph was the first number, which eventually worked its way down to an 11.73@132mph.

The MPH is impressive, but with a tight converter Scotty was really struggling to get the wagon to build boost off the line, hurting the cars ET.

The beauty of the roll racing was that wouldn’t be an issue, allowing Scotty to build some boost while rolling from a dig before lighting up 700hp of 1UZ. Traction did become an issue, so you’ll have to watch the video below to see how it went.