The Street Machine Of The Year hall of fame

It is a tough club to join – meet the 32 previous SMOTY winners


THE 2016 Valvoline Street Machine Of The Year competition is well underway, with 16 of the finest Street Machine feature cars from the past 12 months in the running to win the famous trophy and a $20,000 cheque from Valvoline.

What makes SMOTY unique is that the outcome is determined solely by you guys. Judges’ points, quarter-mile times, horsepower figures and price tags don’t come into it – the winner is simply the car that captures the zeitgeist and claims the most votes.

And as you can see from the list of previous winners, you’ve chosen a wide variety of cars over the years. Of the 28 SMOTY winners, we’ve had 18 Holdens, six Fords, three Chevs and one lonely Mopar. Contrary to popular opinion in some quarters, you don’t necessarily need a mountain of metal hanging out the bonnet to be a winner – in fact, more than half of our previous SMOTY champs have kept their horsepower concealed firmly below the bonnet line. Hot rods and trad customs haven’t had a look in so far, but just about every other genre of chrome-bumper street machine has had at least one win, ranging from outrageous show cars to pro street monsters and street-neat cruisers.


1998-alan -cooper -hq -ute1988: Alan Cooper’s HQ ute

1989-dave -bennett -hq -monaro1989 – Dave Bennett’s HQ Monaro – RAT ATTACK

1990-ron -barclay -hq -ute1990 – Ron Barclay’s HQ ute

4-1991-craig -parker -xy -fairmont1991 – Craig Parker’s XY Fairmont

5-1992-frank -piccolo -ford -xb -falcon1992 – Frank Piccolo’s XB Falcon GT

6-1993-Frank -Rejtano -1964-chevrolet -corvette1993 – Frank Rejtano’s 1964 Corvette

7-1994-Colin -Townsend -Holden -FJ1994 – Colin Townsend’s FJ Holden

8-1995-Darryl -Mc Beth -FJ-Holden1995 – Darryl McBeth’s FJ Holden

9-1995-Howard -Astill -Ford -XA-Falcon1995 – Howard Astill’s XA Falcon

10-1996-John -Riskas -1955-Chev1996 – John Riskas’s 1955 Chev

11-Bill -Murfin -HT-Monaro

1997 – Bill Murfin’s HT Monaro

12-1998-Ed -Brodie -HJ-Holden1998-99 – Ed Brodie’s HJ Holden

13-2000-Alan -Lucas -HQ-Monaro2000 – Alan ‘Bundy’ Lucas’s HQ Monaro

14-Gary -Myers -Mustang2001 – Gary Myers’s 1966 Mustang GM176

2002 Mark Jones 57 Chev2002 – Mark Jones’s 1957 Chev FAT57

16-2003-Adam -Le Brese -EH-Holden2003 – Adam LeBrese’s EH Holden

17-2004-Steve -Leerentveld -LJ-Torana2004 – Steve Leerentveld’s LJ Torana

18-Gary -Myers -1966-Mustang2005 – Gary Myers’s 1966 Mustang

Adam-Barbaresco-Donny-Kevric-Holden-HK-Monaro2006 – Adam Barbaresco & Donny Kevric’s HK Monaro

21-2007-Mark -Sullivan -HK-Monaro2007 – Mark Sullivan’s HK Monaro

22-2008-Rob -Godfrey -HQ-One -Tonner2008 – Rob Godfrey’s HQ One-Tonner

23-2009-Angela -Dow -LX-Torana2009 – Angela Dow’s LX Torana

24-2010-Graeme -Cowin -Plymouth -Barracuda2010 – Graeme Cowin’s Plymouth Barracuda

25-Peter -Fitzpatrick -FC-Holden2011 – Peter Fitzpatrick’s FC Holden

26-2012-Adam -Le Brese -XC-Falcon2012 – Adam LeBrese’s XC Falcon

27-2013-Mick -Fabar -XR-Falcon2013 – Mick Fabar’s XR Falcon

28-2014-Henry -Parry -FB-Holden2014 – Henry Parry’s FB Holden

29-2015-Nathan -Booth -HR-Holden -ute2015 – Nathan Booth’s HR Holden ute

2016 – Chris and Colleen Bitmead’s XBOSS XB Falcon hardtop

2017 – Gary Myers’s XA Falcon Hardtop AGROXA

2018 – Ben Judd’s 1964 Holden EH wagon

2019 – Matt Morgillo’s Holden HQ Statesman

2020 – Aaron Gregory’s ’51 Chev ute Memphis Hell

2021 – Chad Ribbons’s Holden HD ute

2022 – Jasmine Green’s HiLux

2023 – Gary & Jake Myers’s 1966 Mustang