Mark Sullivan’s SMOTY-winning HK Monaro

Mark Sullivan has had a string of incredible cars featured in Street Machine, including this blown, mini-tubbed HK Monaro which was also the 2007 winner of Street Machine of the Year

Photographers: Peter Bateman

Street Machine featured Mark Sullivan’s epic 1968 HK Monaro way back in July 2005, when the then-green streeter sported a tough aspo 400 Chev and clean styling. However, after building his tough, blown HQ Monaro, BADHQ (SM, Aug ’06), and then moving it on, Mark decided to redo 1BADHK with a heap more attitude.

As published in Street Machine Legends II

With the polished Weiand 6/71 power pump reaching through the retina-bashing Glasurit Electric Orange paintwork and matched to the finish on the ID313 20×8.5- and 20×10-inch billet wheels, 1BADHK was the opposite of a sleeper.

While we almost don’t bat an eyelid at a blown, mini-tubbed street car today, Mark’s Monaro brought a huge hit of pro street attitude back to the cruising and show scene, and SM readers responded by voting it the 2007 SMOTY.

“I’d actually sold the car before I found out it had won, so it went on a truck to Adelaide straight from the Street Machine party at Summernats,” recalls Mark, who has been prolific with car builds since then.

The Central Coast bricklayer has had nine cars featured in SM since 2005, including his ’65 427ci Mustang fastback, a 572ci Pontiac Firebird, a blown ’69 Pontiac Firebird, a Chev-powered ’65 F100 pick-up, a slammed ’63 Lincoln Continental, and his airbagged ’60 Coupe de Ville. Phew!

While some people are tied to one brand or style of car, Mark has evolved over time from muscle cars into ’bagged full-size American machines. “I love the low and slow now,” he explains. “My mates say I have turned to the dark side! Next I will be building a ’67 Riviera lowrider.”

The pace at which he turns out cars isn’t a mystery, either. “I’m always in my shed,” he says with a laugh. “During daylight saving time is great because I can get an extra five hours of work done each day plus time on the weekends.

I’m lucky with my wife not minding me spending time in there – actually, she prefers me hanging out in there!”


Engine 350ci CHEV
Gearbox TURBO 350
Diff 9in

Originally published: July 2005