King Kong Cuda

What happens when a champion Top Fuel racer builds a street machine!


GRAEME and Wendy Cowin are huge figures in the world of Australian drag racing.

They have not only won championships and set records in the fiendishly difficult world of Aussie Top Fuel racing, but they have competed with distinction in the US and raised two sons — Andrew and John — who have both won their own championships and set even more records.

Besides their race-track successes, Graeme and Wendy also run Rocket Industries, supplying go-fast goodies to racers all over the country. So when it came time to build a nice 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, it was never going to be just a nice streeter — even if that’s what Graeme had in mind to begin with.

“All it was ever going to be was a one-year rebuild. Just throw a Hemi in the thing and paint it nice but then, with the body in such bad shape, we had to install new quarters and door skins. We weren’t going to get the stance we wanted, so I made the call to fix it all, to build it the way I really wanted it.”

The result is stunning, with massive body modifications to make the car look much more swoopy than standard. The entire undercarriage has been updated too, with modern suspension and steering backed by massive brakes, while the 528ci Hemi enjoys the soothing touch of EFI technology.

It also has a ton of luxuries built in, with air conditioning, power steering, fast glass, a reversing camera, multi-adjustable Mercedes seats — even cup holders!