We chat to Nathan Booth, the youngest-ever winner of Street Machine Of The Year


FOUNDED in 1988, the Street Machine Of The Year award is the longest-running major award in our sport, and with a $20,000 winner-takes-all cheque from Valvoline, it is also the richest. The award is a pure expression of people power, with the winner voted by the readers of Street Machine via or by SMS. The list of previous winners includes the likes of Ron Barclay, Howard Astill, Peter Fitzpatrick, Gary Myers and Adam LeBrese.

While elite-level show cars make up the majority of the winners list, SMOTY has also been won by pro street and pro touring-style cars, as well as a handful of genuine street cars. This year’s result was a resounding win for the latter, with Nathan Booth’s HR Holden ute garnering the most votes. Powered by a Nissan RB25DET motor, the HR is the first SMOTY winner to be powered by a six-pot, and Nathan is the youngest person to ever win the award. The vast majority of the build was done in the family garage, so we sat Nathan and his dad Steve down to tell us how they did it.