Street Machine Summernats Horsepower Heroes Hall of Fame

The big guns from the Street Machine Summernats dyno competition


The Street Machine Summernats dyno competition kicked off in 1997 and it didn’t take long for the rage in the cage event to evolve into a full-on arms race. During the golden years of the event, the rules mandated the use of pump fuel and also limited the amount of boost that could be run.

This created some serious technological challenges for the emerging tuner scene, produced some legendary cars and established some reputations that lead to long-term careers in the horsepower game. As competition spiralled out of control, the organisers tinkered with the rules and then briefly replaced Horsepower Heroes with the Dyno Test for Summernats 23 and 24, before reinstating it for Summernats 25. These days, the rules are similar to Street Machine Drag Challenge – run what you brung and hope you brung enough!

Summernats Horsepower Heroes:

91996Anthony Fabris VL Walkinshaw325rwhp
101997Matt Bunton, HQ 454 Van372rwph
111998Jason Gray, HSV GTS404rwhp
121999Jason Gray HSV, GTS486rwhp
132000Rob Vickery, Commodore Ute527rwhp
142001Todd Wilkes, Giocattolo850rwhp
152002Rob Vickery, Commodore Ute1023rwhp
162003Eddy Tassone, VH Commodore1376rwhp
172004Brett Waine, VH Commodore1470rwhp
182005Eddy Tassone, VH Commodore1259whp
192006Craig Munro, TRYHRD1262rwhp
202007Trick & Mansweto, Ford Capri940rwhp
212008Craig Munro, TRYHRD1895rwhp
222009Lyle Lemon, MRPSI1533rwhp
232010Adrian Abella, FPV Typhoon869rwhp
242011Graham Longhurst, HZ Holden891rwhp
252012Jake Edwards, Torana1592rwhp
262013Jake Edwards, Torana1666rwhp
272014Michael Daniels, Falcon XR6 Turbo1131rwhp
282015Jake Edwards2084rwhp (qualifying)
292016Jake Edwards1783rwhp
302017Jake Edwards1663rwhp
312018Paul Allen, LX Torana1010rwhp
322019Brenden ‘Bubba’ Medlyn, VH Commodore2483rwhp
332020Maria Passos, Ford BA Falcon2202rwhp
342022Henry Winter, Ford FG Falcon XR6 Turbo1257rwhp
352023Cody Hunt, VE Clubsport wagon1643rwhp
362024Maatouks Racing, VL Commodore2504rwhp