2202rwhp BA Falcon wins Haltech Horsepower Heroes – Summernats 33

Maria Passos’s Barra-powered BA Falcon stomped all comers to take out the Summernats 33 Horsepower Hero award


MARIA Passos and the Dyno-mite Performance crew have reset the Forced-Induction Six-Cylinder class record at the Haltech Horsepower Heroes dyno comp at Street Machine Summernats 33. Her seven-second, Barra-powered BA Falcon recorded a jaw-dropping 2202rwhp to not only take the class win but also win Horsepower Heroes outright.

“This is amazing,” Maria beamed. “This car is my life, and the ultimate goal is to eventually run a 6.99@218mph.”

The 3.7-litre destroked Barra is a monster piece of work, having run a PB of 7.71@188mph despite a portly 4180lb mass and stock IRS cradle set-up in the rear end. The internals are all Dyno-mite Performance equipment, including a billet crank, with a billet intake manifold being added before the ’Nats.

With a Haltech ECU and 57psi worth of hurt going through the 110mm Precision turbo, Maria’s Falc stomped the competition. Runner-up in the FI six-banger class, Benny Neal, was nearly 1000hp behind Maria, with a 1265rwhp run in his eight-second, Barra-powered Toyota Cresta.

Top of the forced-induction V8s was Riccardo Pontonio’s MPW Performance-built VK Commodore, running 1651rwhp. He led home a trio of MPW-built turbo big-inch LS combos, with Chris Cutajar’s VE ute making 1525rwhp and Luke Foley’s seven-second VH rolling 1508rwhp.

Top qualifier in the NA V8 class, Nigel Warr, didn’t come back on Sunday, leaving Michael Rattey’s 598ci big-block HX Sandman clear to win the class with a stout 536rwhp. The aspirated six-pot class was taken out by Rick Yates’s pink LJ Torana powered by a 235ci red motor, with 192rwhp.

Ben Stockdale was the only forced-induction four-banger to turn up, and his Nissan CA18DET-powered ’78 KE30 Corolla stomped out a healthy 399rwhp on Sunday morning to take home the class trophy. Travis Stork brought his 944 Porsche back, with the 2.7-litre four rolling 163rwhp to take his third Naturally Aspirated Four-Cylinder Horsepower Heroes trophy.

Only two rotors ran during the weekend, with Jaidyn Reed’s Mazda RX-8 rolling a respectable 189rwhp, and Cam Borserio’s turbo 13B-powered 1970 HiLux pulling 461rwhp.

In the exhibition class, the Castle Hill Performance VT Commodore made 3470rwhp. “I wanted 3500rwhp, and it could make more power, but I’m not going to worry about that because it didn’t throw the rods out,” Castle Hill’s Dale Heiler explained.


Travis Stork – Porsche 944 – 163rwhp

Ben Stockdale – Toyota KE30 Corolla – 399rwhp

Jaidyn Reed – Mazda RX-8 – 189rwhp

Cam Borserio – 1970 Toyota Hilux – 461rwhp

Rick Yates – 1971 Holden Torana – 192rwhp

Maria Passos – Ford BA Falcon – 2202rwhp

Michael Rattey – Holden HX Sandman – 536rwhp

Riccardo Pontonio – Holden VK Commodore – 1651rwhp

Maria Passos – Ford BA Falcon – 2202rwhp