Video: A final tour through Flynn’s Wrecking Yard

Taking what could be one last look around the world-famous Flynn’s Wrecking Yard in rural NSW




Flynn’s Wrecking Yard is legendary in Australian car folklore as being the biggest and arguably best wrecker and automotive museum in Australia. But after 67 years of operation, there’s a good chance its days are numbered.

Located just outside of Cooma in southern New South Wales, Flynn’s Wrecking Yard was founded by current owner Wayne Flynn’s father in 1955, with Wayne taking over the reins in 1982.

Flynn’s is known worldwide for its near 4000 cars, which serve as a default museum of Australian automotive history, with international tourists regularly stopping by for a visit.

Unfortunately, after 40 years of helping fellow enthusiasts buy or fix their much-loved machines, Wayne has decided it’s time to move on and Flynn’s Wrecking Yard is for sale.

“It’s just time. I wanna relax and head to the coast where it’s a little bit warmer,” says Wayne.

While there is hope that a new owner can be found to keep the yard going, if that doesn’t eventuate, all the cars will end up getting cubed and Flynn’s will be no more.

“I really don’t want the crushers to come in and get it; I’d like to see someone hopefully take it on and keep those cars here, because it’s history down the drain when they go,” says Wayne.

When the news came out that the place might not be around for much longer, Street Machine and Unique Cars scribe Glenn Torrens headed back down to Flynn’s for one last walkaround to (potentially) say goodbye to one of his favourite places, which you can see in the video above.

GT has visited the place nearly a dozen times over the past couple of decades, including a recent trip where he revived and drove away a 1980 Holden Commodore that’d been sitting in the yard for around 15 years.

At the time of writing, there’s no official word on whether the yard has sold, so if you’ve been planning a trip there to buy a car or parts, or to just have a general wander around the place, do it now before it’s too late.