Tunnel Vision workshop tour – Video

Tunnel Vision builds some of the quickest street-driven Ford sixes in the country


JASON Ghiller from Tunnel Vision Turbocharging has built a reputation for producing high-end six-cylinder Fords that are clean enough to eat your dinner off. Many will know Jason’s own XD Falcon that has competed at Street Machine Drag Challenge for the past few years, and while it looks rough on the outside, beneath the sheet metal is anything but. Powered by a 4.0-litre Barra built by Jason with custom SPS pistons, and his own custom intake manifold, it runs mid-eight-second quarters in full street trim. A similar engine that Jason recently built for a customer made over 1000rwkW on a hub dyno.

 While the Barra is big business for Tunnel Vision these days, Jason forged his reputation by building insane, high-horsepower, single-cam Intech AU Falcon engines. Having run low eights in street trim, John Colaidis’s Intech-powered Mustang is the quickest genuinely street-driven car in the Tunnel Vision stable.

Jason is also the guy to talk to when it comes to LPG-fuelled quick street cars. John’s Mustang previously ran on LPG before switching to E85, and Jason is the wizard behind our Carnage Turbo Taxi, which has run 11.0 weighing over two tonnes with a standard Barra motor running on LPG. The taxi runs a custom EFI dual LPG injector set-up.

Vince Riccotti’s stunning Summernats Top 60 Cortina also runs one of Jason’s killer AU engines, and up until recently ran on LPG. With LPG becoming hard to come by, he also has made the switch to E85 and has since run 9.1 down the quarter-mile.

While many of the cars that Jason builds feature show levels of quality and attention to detail, they all get raced and driven regularly on the street. Running Haltech Elite computers in most builds makes tuning for the street and track easy.